What can you expect at FTE?

While you are at FTE there are many things that you can expect:

  1. To make new friends and lasting relationships
  2. To have a Scouting experience like no other
  3. To get more ideas than you thought were possible on how to make your Scouting program even better in so many ways. 
  4. Networking opportunities are amazing 
  5. To experience what it is like to have your kids running around in a Scout village and not be worried about where they are or who they are with since everyone there is a Scouting family with only the best interest of the kids at heart

What does a typical day look like at FTE?

  • Each morning at 8:30 there is a flag break & opening words of wisdom, proclamations (some call them announcements, but, there is a song you are likely to learn a few verses of while at FTE).  
  • From there your kids will be dropped off with the Youth Program coordinators who will ensure they have a scouting adventure while your brain gets cleansed.  
  • You should be in your session ready to start that morning’s lessons by 9:00.  
  • By 11:45 you will have collected your kids from the Youth Program in order to feed them and yourselves.
  • At 1:15 you will return your kids to the Youth Program and be back in your class no later than 1:30
  • Kids will need to be collected from the Youth Program team no later than 5:00
  • Free time ensues until next flag break 
  • Optional, but so very much fun is a group campfire (weather permitting) at 7:30 pm
  • End of day the flag is lowered immediately follows campfire
  • Friday night will have a formal Gilwell reunion campfire open to all members of First Gilwell (anyone that has earned their Wood Badge II)

What do you generally need to be prepared for FTE?

  • Temporary home – This can be a tent, RV, tarp, bivvy sac or other form of shelter to protect you from the elements while you sleep and eat.  All of us will be camped in close proximity on Camp Woods where we essentially create a village for the week.
  • RVs & Campers – there are no plugins on the field nor sewer connections.  There is a sewer dump at the main entrance to empty at if you need.  The preference being that this is done as you enter then as you exit.  Trailers and Campers will only be permitted to be moved if someone is leaving or for an absolute emergency.
  • Showers – There are shower facilities in Paley Hall.  Each shower is set to a timer of 5 minutes with a 5 minute delay in between when it can be pressed, so, you won’t be taking your time to get clean.  We also ask that biodegradable brands of soap and shampoo be used.
  • Water – The water on site is potable.  It is also soft water and can have an odour & taste to it.  You will likely want to bring city water if your taste buds are sensitive.
  • Grey Water – To be disposed of in the Grey Water receptacles that will be near the portapotties or septic dump at main entrance.  Portapotties & Outhouses are not to be used for Grey water.
  • Food storage – Coolers and other food storage devices.  We are a mere 15 minutes from the town of Sylvan Lake where they have shops like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sobey’s, Super Store, etc. where you can restock on things you need as well as get ice if needed.  You will need to feed you and your family for the week.  Do note that wildlife (skunks, coyotes, deer) is not a stranger to us either so proper storage will need to be kept in mind too. 
  • Day pack for you and your kids so that rain gear, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, etc can be easily toted with you.
  • Writing supplies for note taking while in your course.
  • Camera for capturing your memories. We are looking at providing a photo sharing site so we can easily share them too.  We generally have photographers at camp and all pictures are shared through a shared link.
  • Enthusiasm for Scouting and desire to meet other Scouting families who are also there to learn how to take their programs to the next level.
  • Group badges – A very common thing to do at FTE is to bring a badge from your group to give to each of the other participants of the course you are attending.  This is a nice keepsake for you as well.
  • Electronics – up to you whether or not you bring any.  If you do bring youth electronics, we encourage that these are only permitted in the evening as they are winding down to sleep.  There is power in each of the picnic shelters on site as well as all the buildings while others use their generators they bring for their campers.
  • Badge Trading – On Wednesday afternoon, there will be a badge trading session held at the designated “town hall”,  where we will also be setting up for the potluck.  Badge Trading etiquette is expected to be followed.
    • One badge for one badge.  (no more, no less)
    • Each trade is sealed with a scout handshake (Left handed)
    • Adults trading with Scouts should always be in the Scout’s favour.  If at all possible, only trade with other Adults to avoid friction.
  • Potluck Supper – Wednesday’s supper will be a potluck.  It is hoped that each family will provide a dish that serves 4-6.  A link will be sent to participants for the potluck contribution.

This is an event that you will most likely be there for the duration of the week.  Yes, there is a day on Wednesday that some people take advantage of to make the trip into Sylvan Lake to resupply while others simply bring everything they need for the week and do not need to make that trek.   Someone on the administrative team generally makes trips into Sylvan Lake and Red Deer as required.


  • Everyone who comes will be required to provide a Physical Fitness Form regardless of being a registered member so that we can have all pertinent information in the event of an emergency.  Non-members will require an Individual Release & Hold Harmless as well.
  • Both before and when you arrive at camp you will be provided a map of the camp with information and general rules
  • Your course facilitator will also let you know if there is anything specific you need for the course.


The Scout Law is the law of the camp.

In addition there are a few important rules to remember:

ALCOHOL is not permitted on site.

FIREARMS, BOWS, FIREWORKS AND ROCKETS are not permitted on site (except on ranges and with appropriate permission/supervision).

PETS are not allowed on site.

SHEATH KNIVES are limited to those with blades of 6 inches or less.