Expedition Planning ~

An introduction to weekend trips that are high on adventure and low on hurdles to do. This session is led by an experienced Venturer and is highly encouraged for anyone participating in either of the FTE Expeditions. Basics covered are in risk assessment and trip planning.

Dangerous Animals & Bear Aware ~

This hands-on session developed in line with the Alberta Bear Smart program will go over how to stay safe in the out country with those residents who think you’d make a great snack. Animal identification, proper camp and hiking safety and review of deterrent methods will all be covered.

Canoeing Basics ~

Do you know what a T-rescue is? How about the J-Stroke? Spend an afternoon on the water learning the basics of operating the iconic Canadian watercraft! (All equipment provided, personal equipment also welcome)

The Scouting Method ~

The Scout method is the informal educational system used by Scouts. The aim of Scouting is character training with the goal of helping participants become independent and helpful, and thereby become “healthy, happy, helpful citizens”. The Scout method uses appealing games in the primitive outdoors to generate challenges which a Scout learns to solve by himself. Come play with us to learn more about the foundation of Scouting today.

Awards & Informal Recognition ~

What is a Silver Acorn? How do you show your sponsoring body your group’s appreciation? What is this “Thank You” button everyone keeps talking about? Come spend the morning learning about both formal and informal recognition within Scouts Canada.

Scouting Traditions ~

What is 1st Gilwell. Who is this BP man they speak of? How long have they been holding Jamborees? Come join us to learn more about the traditions and history of Scouting in Canada and around the world.

Working with LGBTQ ~ Calgary Sexual Health

Scouting sometimes may be adapted not only according to age, but according to other factors, such as  gender orientation or sexual orientation. Scouters must appreciate the diversity within their Sections and adjust the way that they facilitate the program accordingly.  As an inclusionary organization it’s important to understand how to support all members.

Mental Health First Aid ~